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A community for America/England

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Name:Rabblerousers || America / England
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For fanworks relating to the characters of America and England from Axis Powers: Hetalia


A community for fans of the male/male pairing America/England [or England/America, depending upon one's tastes] from the manga and anime Axis Powers: Hetalia. Members may post and share artwork, fanfiction, and other things relating to the pair.
[1] All content must focus on the relationship between America and England. In other words, don't post your Germancest with some background US/UK here or it will be deleted.

[2] All adult content/large pictures MUST be placed behind CUT. Don't know how to make one? Go here.

[3] Mark all adult material.

[4] Try to tag your entries with such simple tags as "fanfic", "fanart", "discussion", etc.

[5] BE RESPECTFUL. This is not the place for shipping wars, personal vendettas, etc. Don't bring them here. You'll get one warning and then I'll ban you if you continue to be disruptive and/or confrontational.

None yet. Want to affiliate? Drop us a line by comment or e-mail. ♥

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